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Originally Posted by tsonnenl View Post
Man, and I just ordered replacement PC bulbs for my 2x96 a few weeks ago....

What can you tell me about the heat output of these? I don't see much in the way of heatsinks or ventilation there. My current AHSupply setup blackens the plastic rear parts of my glass canopy every few months, and melted two different center braces on my 72g, the second even after raising it up two inches. I'd love to be able to retrofit two of these into a 48 inch striplight housing as shown, but there's far less venting on those than what I have.

How does the heat output compare to your 2x36, both above and below the light?
Hi tsonnenl,

I didn't compare the temperature of the 24" LED lamp array fixture to the 2X36 watt PC but I did compare it to an AHS 1X55 watt (24") fixture.

AHS 1X55 watt PC = 92 degrees F.
AHS 1X20 LED lamp = 84 degrees F.
Ambient temp was 76 degrees F.
(Measured by putting temp. probe between fixture and glass Versa-top.

Hope this helps!

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