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I would like to know if my parameters are ok or do I need to bump up or lower something. I can’t even imagine changing out the soil at this time.
If I was to do that though…. How would I go about doing that? Could I take all plants, some substrate, shrimp, and cholla wood and place them in a 5 gallon bucket with a small HOB filter that has purigen in it? Mean while that would give me the time to change out the substrate. How long does it take to cycle the Aquasoil? That will all be my last resort.

I did have a time early into my OEBT tank where the babies where very scarce. 3 years into it now and WOW…. You look at the substrate and it looks like it is moving there are so many babies in there.

Is there anything wrong with my parameters? Do I need to adjust anything?
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