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Keep it simple, I would get ride of the Water
Water Sprite
Dwarf Sag

Stay with moss, I would take the manzanita out maybe just use cholla wood or maybe some small maylasian drift wood. Doing this will make the need for nitrates to be 0, add floates, frogbit, DWL.

FSS is fine, my OEBT and BTOE breed great in it, MY PFR, NEO Yellows, and Velvets do fine too

Keep it simple, water change cycle looks good.

Are you sure you had "bacterial infection", I have noticed my CRS all types never get bacterial infections just bad molt problems. You can help this by trying to keep you GH at 5 and dose calcium Mont. You will stop haing issues asap with that.

Also get a good baby food feed 3 times a week, or something like bee pollen you can grind up and feed, even dried earthworm powder.
Make sure the tank is well established so it produces good bio film for them

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