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Something to note when using a lot of bulbs. If you are doing a noon burst with two, you may want the most "normal" colors on and have your colored bulbs come on with the burst. Many bulbs will make your tank look really odd on their own, but when combined with other colors, it looks very good.

Secondly, the front most bulb tends to make the biggest difference in the way the tank looks. If your front bulb is blue, it will look more blue, even if all your other bulbs are different colors. Swap that blue with a red, even though you still have all the same bulbs, your tank will look more red. Other members have said the same thing as my observations.

Sorry, not directly related to the subject matter but don't be afraid to use bulbs that you would think look ugly, it can look amazing and you can minimize the impact of odd coloring by sticking a 6500-8000k bulb up front, or whatever you personally like best.
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