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CBS issues

Hello everyone,
I started a CBS tank back in February of this year. I started with about 20 shrimp (a mix of grades) and now have about 11 left. I lost some due to a bacterial infection that I have fixed. I had 3 females berried and hatched the eggs, but maybe only 2 or 3 out of all the babies survived. I did dose for hydra and other pest early on and have not seen any since.
I was wondering if you can help me get a better out come on the baby survival rate before I add more shrimp due to the loss from the infection. After the first of the year I would like to make another order of CBS and start again. My tank and parameters are as follows:

20gal long (standard)

Small Ehiem classic canister filter (bio , mech, purigen, peat moss)
Sponge filter ran off of small power head

Fluval Shrimp Stratum

Water Wisteria
Water Sprite
Dwarf Sag
Java moss
Christmas moss
Fissidens Fontana
(3) moss balls

Manzanita branches and Cholla wood

Water Parameters:
Temp. 71
Gh 4
Kh 0-1
Ph 6.2 6.6
TDS 170
Ammonia 0
Nitrates 5 ppm or less

I do a 10% water change each week and top of with straight RO/DI water. I add minerals to the straight RO/DI water with Mosura Mineral plus Ultra when doing the water change.

Any help is encouraged. I see the babies after they hatched and within 3 days there gone.


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