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Originally Posted by BoxxerBoyDrew View Post
WOW You have done a ton of work since I last saw it! Your plants are FREAKIN AWESOME!!! Are you getting them locally or ordering?

What substrate do you have in the 40B that the Rams are in? Also are any of your tanks dirted or just sand substrate?

LOVE the Rams too!!!

Keep up the AWESOME WORK!
I'm getting some of them through pure luck, others I've been special ordering (I have a list of like 100 species)

The substrate in the 40b is simply Caribsea Tahitian Black Moon sand. I placed 3 osmocote + csmb root tabs in the substrate. None of my tanks are dirted. The 6.5' basin in the back yard is MGOPT capped with pea pebbles tho. I have used caliche clay as a liner capped with substrate in some previous outdoor basins with good luck.

We have quite a collection of rams at the moment. We have a LF female GBR, an electric blue male, standard GBR male, and a female gold balloon. I am considering adding another female into the display tank so that I (hopefully) have two genetic lines of GBR crossed with electrics.
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