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Originally Posted by pweifan View Post

The white fuzz is a fungus and will go away. Ottocinclus or Plecostomus should eat it. Alternatively, you could just boil the wood to kill it, but either way it'll disappear in time.

As far as algae goes, I suggest getting more plants in there ASAP and/or reducing your photoperiod. Are you running any type of CO2? You should probably at least DIY CO2 and a reactor to start with.

Welcome back to the hobby


Hey Scott,

Thanks for the follow up. I washed the branch again (2nd time) and I'm not noticing it coming back as much. I think I might be in the clear on that one.

The algae is minimal right now and seems to only be on the chain swords. I'm starting to think that it might have been there from the LFS because the other plants, rock, or wood isn't showing signs on algae. As a preventative, I think I'm going to reduce my photo period for the next few days. BTW, I'm also dosing Excel for carbon.

What other plants to you recommend? I'm trying to give to rotala some space to grown right now. Its been in the tank since last weekend and I'm starting to see new growth. I'd love an interesting low growing plant in the front...
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