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You guys are amazing, thanks!

I've done aquariums for years but only recently started with trying to properly grow plants; CO2, lighting, ferts, etc. It's great to have a place like this where people quickly reply with helpful answers.

@ Kevmo, that's the exact one I got. I know this site auto blocks evilbay links so I wasn't sure if I was allowed to post item numbers. Based on the picture I assumed it came with the DIN attached and the wires sticking out which is why I figured I'd just splice, heat shrink the individual wires then heat shrink the pair for a nice clean look. Though I guess I could pull the DIN off, remove the wires and attach the adapter directly to the DIN.

@Betta, that's a beautiful rig you have there. I've been lurking here a while, from what I've seen you do great work.

Thank you all for the quick replies.
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