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Hey guys it's been awhile. Photo updates coming soon, however, I'd like to report some problems I'm having with this tank. I seem to be in that stage where nothing is going right.
First off, my water is constantly cloudy. I replaced my carbon and did a water change, which initially did the trick, but it's come back again after only a couple days. It looks like a whitish cloud at first but it seems to be turning yellow, slightly green.
Secondly, algae is still bad. On top of spirogyra and diatoms, regular green algae seems to be in constant supply. I'm wondering if my lighting is too intense; perhaps I should move it up a couple inches?
Thirdly, three of my ricca rocks, which had grown to a size much larger than the actual rocks, now detached themselves. Most likely because I used cotton thread, which I now remember biodegrades. I really reallly hope I don't see this happen with all my others.
Oh, and my Eheim seems to be making "swishing" noises lately, as if there's water running somewhere. Usually I can just tilt it, and the air bubbles will come out, but it's not working.
Anyone who could help with these problems would be greatly appreciated, I would love to get this tank back to an enjoyable state.

That's too much text without a picture, so here's one of my little sister eating a Christmas cookie.

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