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Oopsie doosies.
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I cannot believe I just read this entire thread... took me half an hour, and I test in the 95 percentile for fast reading. That's impressive.

LOVE the way the moss grows so fast in the PRL tank!! No ferts, no CO2, just growing? Wow.

How long are you expecting the tank with AS to cycle? I have a 10 gallon just started cycling, that info would help.

Definitely some of the most beautiful shrimp I have ever seen. Definitely lemme know if you are gonna sell in smaller quantities.

Funny question for ya, my cycling 10g (Mentioned above), the pH is like, 6.0. The kit doesn't read any lower. Any reason for that? 2 or so inches of the AS, 6.5 or so pH RO water, treated with Prime and Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+. Got any ideas?

You seem like one of the best CRS breeders out there, lol. If you can check out my newest tank journal for CRS, that would be great! Here's a link:


Subscribing to your thread!!

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