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update: this photo is of the algae just before i trimmed it. after trimming it, the water was pretty murky, so i will have to wait till later to get another pic of it. the lights up till this point were going 24/7, so the algae grew fast. from now on though, im reducing the photo period to about 14 hours. ill keep trying to reduce it more and more, but since i leave for work at 6AM and dont return till 6PM it will be hard for me to reduce the photo period to less than 12 hours without getting a timer. ill probably get one sooner or later.

the tank is showing new tank syndrome, cyano, bacteria, mold, etc. i expected this, it always happens. it should pass within two weeks. i added shrimp to test the idea that the algae may grow fast enough to keep the ammonia down. one of them got stuck in the filter and died, but they are otherwise doing ok. it may not mean anything though, they ARE cherry shrimp after all...

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