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DO not stock this tank.
Return the Tetras.

ADA soils will continue to leach ammonia for roughly a month. During this time the nitrifying bacteria is growing, but it is not fast growing bacteria. It will take time until the population is up to dealing with the amount of ammonia the soil can produce.

The nitrifying bacteria grow better when the pH is over 6.5, the GH and KH over 3 German degrees of hardness.

What I would do:
Add some baking soda or other source of carbonates to keep the KH about 3 degrees.
If you want the bacteria to grow faster add some. Look for Nitrospira species of bacteria. Do not waste your money on anything else.
If you are OK waiting, then just monitor the parameters.
Do water changes if the ammonia or nitrite are over 5 ppm.
As the ammonia production gets less and less in the soil you may have to add some ammonia to keep feeding the bacteria.

Here is a quick rundown of the fishless cycle:
Test daily.
Add ammonia to keep it at 3 ppm once a day.
Do water changes if the ammonia or nitrite are over 5 ppm.
When you add ammonia one day, and the next day (24 hours later) both the ammonia and nitrite are zero it is cycled.
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