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Originally Posted by SomeCanuck View Post
Wow, those certainly seem like interesting possibilities. I don't really know anything about building my own stuff, but if I understand correctly, I'd only need to buy the lamp and socket at the most basic, which would then fit inside whatever reflector/canopy I could find to house it? Certainly sounds pretty cool, assuming they ship these things to Canada.

For the record, the reason I was asking about the 3 possibilities I posted is because I can get all 3 of them in Canada for less than 100$ with shipping. Sidebar: God I hate shipping rates in Canada D:
Hi SomeCanuck,

You summarized correctly; the LED lamp arrays use no driver, no ballast, no transformer, in fact because the LED light is "directed" downward you don't need reflectors. You need an AC cord, 2G11 socket, and the LED lamp array - a switch is optional.

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