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Originally Posted by lochaber View Post
I think you would pretty much have to go with some sort of false-bottom type set up. Regardless of how careful you are, water is probably going to end up outside of it's intended place at some point (especially if you put critters in there).

A false bottom allows it to drain out and return to the main reservoir.

I've heard warnings about not putting ultrasonic foggers directly in terrariums if you have critters, apparently some people have reported their critters crawling in/on them and getting injured/killed.

A pretty common thing a lot of people do is find one with a circular opening, and fix some pipe to it, and route the pipe into the terrarium/vivarium/paludarium.

check out dendroboard, they do a lot of this type of stuff.

And yeah, the carnivorous plant one is quite nice.
I do expect that some water may get out, but keep in mind this is a planted terrarium. Some water isn't going to be an issue - I just don't think I can turn the entire thing into a submersed set-up. Thanks for the input on the fogger, so it either needs to be caged to prevent critters from getting to it or I need to use a different source.

I have done some looking at dendroboard, but they are usually using a waterproof container of some sort, with a false bottom to collect any water loss. I need something self contained. If you are aware of any threads that do something similar, I'd appreciate a PM .

I do appreciate the thoughts and input, as well as the compliment. I'll pass it along.

Originally Posted by Fishies_in_Philly View Post
Well, then it's a no brainer. Tupperware containers. I'll expound later. Or, build a'mini tank' out of plexi for a portion of the tank.
I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with. I've used tupperware and plastic containers in the past, but they always look fake, I'm hoping for something that can give me more of a natural look.
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