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Well, I thought I'd make a bigger update post and share some pictures since the last one was kinda short.

Starting with the 40b production tank. I pulled tons of plants to make some room for some of the nicer plants. The myrio red had simply taken over. This stuff grows faster than rotundifolia or l. repens. Root systems on some of the ones I pulled were almost as big as baseballs.

We pulled the long fin German Blue female we had in Jely's 29g and put her into the 40b. The next morning she had dropped eggs but unfortunately there was no male to fertilize. Since then we picked up a small electric blue male and placed him in with her. So far nothing, but they get along well so we'll see.

I also picked up a pair of caridina babaulti (1 male 1 female) that remained as stragglers in a tank full of larger fish, somehow they didn't get eaten. The female was already berried and the saddle was returning so its only a matter of time before she pops. The male unfortunately died a few days after being placed in the 20l, so the search is on!

Finally, we have the new 40b, the display tank. The HC has come up quite a bit, but there are many chunks that have already rooted. Last saturday the co2 tank ran out and I couldn't refill it till monday, but nothing bad happened. I also swapped out one of the bluer bulbs for a 67k and switched positions on a blue and 10k bulb. I also added some Nesaea crassicaulis red (not nesaea red leaved) and myriophyllum tuberculatum (the red/orange, not the amber/brown).

Anyways....everyone enjoy the pictures. I'll post some info soon about what plants I have available for sale. Good news is flame moss should be available soon and at a reasonable price : )
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