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Originally Posted by SomeCanuck View Post
So I'm going to be upgrading to a 15 or 20 gallon soon and I'm thinking of moving to LED lighting. I'm not going to be running CO2 and the plants are mostly medium to low light, so I was wondering what would be the better fit for my tank. Sizes will be either (WxDxH) 20x12x14 (15g) or 24x14x14 inches (20g).

Panorama Module Freshwater LED Kit
Finnex FugeRay Ultra Slim LED Fixture

Finnex Ray II Ultra Slim LED DS - Dual 7000k

Opinions would be very much appreciated, thanks!
Hi SomeCanuck,

If you are looking at a kit, I suggest checking out the new AH Supply LED lamp arrays. They are easy to install with good par values and no need for a separate 'power supply' (driver).

45 Gallon Tall; 96 Watt AH Supply CF; 6700K; & 30 Gallon Long; 2X36 Watt AH Supply CF; Press. CO2; UGF; Heat Treated Montmorillonite Clay
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