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Looks like BBA. Just cry.

No... lol. But a few things you could try are...
- first off, prune the affected areas. Once they have that kind of growth on them, they are done for.
- For other spot areas, turn off your filters for 15 minutes then, spot treat with excel using a syringe, wait 15 more minutes before turning filters back on
- cut back the amount of light you use
- set the co2 to come on 2-3 hours before the lights

I wouldn't try doing a ton more stuff right away because there are lots of variables. If you change too much at once you won't know what the problem was. But it could also be that you need more nutrients.

Can you post some more info about your water specs, ppm of co2, the specific ferts you are using? These will be a lot more helpful to get a little bit more targeted approach.

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