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MTS have a harder shell than most snails and are more resistant to low calcium levels or acidic water. It is amazing what they look like in a tank with harder water.
Hard water: Long sharp point on the shell.
Soft water: That long sharp point erodes, leaving a hole. They seem to do OK, though.
The hard shell makes it difficult for many snail eating fish to eat them. Some of these fish learn to suck the snail meat out of the shell, so I do find empty shells all over, and not very many MTS in the tank if there are Loaches.

Ramshorn have a thinner shell and do not do as well in tanks with soft, acidic water. The shells get very thin.

Pond snails get eaten in all my tanks, but seem to do OK in soft, acidic water.

Apple snails will need a source of calcium, and are better in more alkaline water. They might eat cuttle bone.
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