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Wow this is an epic thread, I found it on google... and as it turns out it was posted on just today.

Seth - What was the connection between Seachem Iron and BBA that you found?

I have a slight amont of BBA everywhere and it's driving me crazy. It doesn't grow in thick tufts or patches like most photos I see, but very slowly small amounts on the edges of leaves. I prune a lot of affected leaves. I have also been spot dosing excel. I have pulled plants out and soaked in H2O2 and even soaked the sword leaf tips in cups of h2o2 when the water was low during water change.

I'm thinking of upping my fert dosing... I have might lights cut back to 6 hrs, and I don't know my exact amt of co2 but i know its pretty high....


Just curious about your Iron / BBA statement! Thanks
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