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Mix apple snails, ramshorn, and trumpet snails. Give them two weeks in the tank. Then add 10 assassin snails. You will have a pleasant variety and the assassins will keep them in check. Depending on tank size, parameters etc. quantity of all of the above needs adjustment. Or just let them explode and get a loach...

Trumpet snails are one of the hardiest/hardest to kill, at least in harder alkaline water. I have read that soft acidic doesn't allow for enough nutrients for snails to form hard shells which makes them more susceptible to whatever so my experience makes sense. Also, when I do 90% water changes with ice cold straight tap water they don't die, at all. When I purposely put wood or rocks into a bucket and do the same they all live. I tend to acclimate all of my aquatic tank inhabitants to accept more extreme conditions and they tend to be incredibly versatile and strong. Anyone who wants to argue it's cruel, wrong, whatever, save your breath anyone who has seen the results becomes a convert. I also feed much higher quality diy foods though so who knows how big a part that plays as well (along with prime water parameters except where they are intentionally altered.. breeding induction). Point is if you are managing to kill trumpets you need to read every aquarium book you can find because there is something seriously wrong and your fish etc. likely aren't as healthy or living as long as they could.
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