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Need to Pick Your Brains on a Water Feature for a Terrarium

So, in my horticulture and landscaping class, one of the projects that we do is related to interiorscaping. I have students come up with a design for on of my terrariums, and then I select the best one or ones and we build it. For example, last year in the spring, we did this in a 10 gallon tank;

This fall, the students designed a subtropical terrarium;

In the past, I've always avoided water features, because I wasn't sure how to do them on this small of scale. However, I've been learning , and so when they proposed on this year I said ok. We built it out of foam and covered it with epoxy then added sand and rock to give it a more natural look;

Here's what it looks like in the tank;

and we've got some "arrow-leaf" type plants to plant around it.

Now I know that this isn't perfect, and we're limited in our plant selection this time of year to Home Depot and WalMart, so not a lot of choices. Unfortunately, I got in a hurry and didn't get enough epoxy down before adding the sand, so it leaks. So for the final project for the course, I've proposed to the students that they rebuild it. However, I would like to upscale it. I want to add a hose and pump to create water movement and perhaps a sonic fogger to keep humidity in the terrarium up as well. At some point I'd like to add anoles to the terrarium again.

Upscaling it means that it needs to be deeper on one end, with a structure built in to cover up the pump and fogger. We're looking at a total length of about 18", a width of 9", and a maximum depth of about 4.5".

I'm open to suggestions on alternative materials to use to create the thing, although it can't be too complicated. Suggestions on how to get a watertight seal. And suggestions on pumps or anything else you can come up with LOL.
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