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Originally Posted by scotty82 View Post
Ok, to start off get you a cheap extension cord. Start at the male end (part that plugs in the wall) and measure how long you want it, then add 2-3 feet. It's better to be a little long than an inch short. Cut the cord. Use razor knife or wire strippers to score the outer jacket of the cord, not to much, just about half way through the outer layer. You'll want to do this score about 1 foot back from where you made the cut. Fold the cord over where you scored it and roll that around, doing this so folding it basically finishes ripping the part you scored so it doesn't cut the 3 wires inside. Get a 1/2" romex connector and put it in the 1/2" hole in the fixture. You'll have to take a screwdriver and hammer and punch out the hole in the fixture. Put the cord through the connector long enough so the ends of the wires will not be tight but will fit into the fitting you have a pic of. Strip the last 1/4" of the wires (black and white) and just push them into their color on your fixture fitting. Don't worry about using the 4 holes, they are for in and out type wiring. Or if you want just cut that fitting off and wire nut them together, thats just as good. For the green wire, you should see a green screw just sitting out by itself. Usually about half way down the fixture. Strip the green wire back, I usually do about an inch. Wrap the part you stripped around the green screw (to the right). Tighten green screw. Put fixture cover back on and plug in. Hope this helps.
I'll check all this out when I get home. So basically I can remove the 4-hole plug at the end of the black and white wires?
What do you mean, "fold the cord" do you mean roll back the sleeve? or twist the sleeve till the sleeve tears off?
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