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Originally Posted by inclament View Post
Hey all, I'm not experienced in paludariums or any such business, but I saw your offhand comments about aphids and mites, and I happen to work in an organic greenhouse. First, identify identify identify! What kind of aphids or mites is the most important information to have before deciding on control. That being said, if you can get your hands on Aphidoletes midges for the aphids, or Chrysopa larvae (lacewings) they will clear up most aphids better than any chemical. And Phytoseilius persimilis is an excellent predatory mite for most pest mite species, it even tends to establish itself long-term, coming out of "dormancy" when pest mite populations emerge. I have to admit, I'm more than a little curious how biological control would work in an environment like yours. Dunno if this is useful at all, I'd be happy to expound on anything if ya had questions
Woohoo! You just because my new best and you're in pa? Even better.
My plan was to add a carnivorous plant. I was going to plant ug (i don't want to butcher the spelling) utricularia grammatifolia? Or maybe. Nice tropical sundew
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