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Sump System Design

Hello my fellow planted tankers. I am looking to do something different and give sump filtration a try, but would like to compile some guidance documents for review. Google is great and all, and I am a search engine junky, but I also feel that you need to go directly to a viable source sometimes and I was hoping some of you have a library of info I can tap from.

First off, the tank is NOT drilled, but I plan on doing so. I have reviewed many types of plumbing configurations and I think I like the Beananimal setup the best. It seems to provide ample security, while providing the most efficient and quiet filtration. I am not 100% sure how it will be drilled into the tank yet, but some type of overflow box will be created.

So, please help me by providing some of the best guidance documents or videos you may have to help me size and design the system.

Lets start with the following:

Sump Size: I am looking at a relatively decent bio load, but moderatly planted. I was thinking maybe an 18 gallon tank? I do have a 20 tall already, but looking at how my stand is built, the 20 tall would eat up a lot of height and the plumbing I think would be a nightmare. 20 long is too big for the stand. Any suggestions?? Something simple is fine, doesn't need to be pretty.

Pumps and turnover rate: This is a maddening topic and I don't want to get to vested into brands and types. This can be a very user biased opinion and I am willing to try a a few options, but some basic links and suggestions would be fine for me. Really my main question is, what would be an ample turnover rate.

Plumbing: Any good links on sizing would be great. I am always in awe of the reefers and their elaborate plumbing setups and wonder where all their inspirations come from. Obviously reef filtration is a bit more exotic than what I need, but any tutorials or good links would be beneficial! I always like looking at options.

Any feedback you guys can provide would be great. Thanks!

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