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How much are you wanting to spend on lighting? Honestly, I do find that the RayII lights are relatively inexpensive for what they can do for you. Anyways, what I would do for substrate is organic potting mix capped with whatever your heart desires. I really like these soil tanks with hi light because they get everything going strong real fast. I didn't even bother dosing for the first few months, and I only dose super minimally now, and still I have way more plant growth than I know what to do with.

As far as plants, that also depends upon your budget and how much trimming you want to do. Things like wisteria and now Rotala wallichi are growing out of my ears (and out of my tank......skipped trimming this week :O) and I have glosso just everywhere.

HC would totally grow fine for you, though I might say stay away from DHG just because it really needs to be trimmed once it gets going, otherwise even the belem looks a little taller than I personally like

I would, personally, try and get whatever plants that you find attractive but that you can also sell trimmings of easily. For me, I know I want a ton of different Ludwigia and Rotala and other fancy stems in my 10 gallon, and whatever less common plants I can find.

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