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Originally Posted by jmhart View Post
I suppose I should edit my response. I love the MA957, but I also use a pH controller so that things like over-gassing never happen.

I can buy a pH controller and MA957 (brand new) for less than the cost of a nice/fancy two-stage regulartor.
A ph controller certainly would have prevented this from happening. But I will also say that this wasn't end of tank dump, which better regulators could prevent, but is maybe considered a hazard of the trade. It was just a random Tuesday, with a 3/4 full tank.

I'm not trying to start an argument here, because your setup is clearly working for you. And I'm happy that you didn't have an experience like mine! But I just want to caution the OP to the potential hazards of making a decision about buying something just because the cost is appealing.
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