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Jackie, sorry to hear of your situation. For keeping invertebrates, one must be aware of tds, ph,gh,kh as well as temp. If not of the tank to be transitioned but for the temporary holding tank.

As it reads, seems as though you were sent a collection of caridina and neocaridinas of which would appreciate different water parameters. Caridinas feel much more comfortable in low gh/kh water and more neutral to acidic ph.

If your source water parameters were a wild swing in a different direction to what is their ideal, it would necessitate a serious drip acclimation over several hours while heavily oxygenating the water to ease the transition. I've managed to have minimal to no losses practicing this for all newly acquired shrimp. Infact my last batch of crs arrived in a punctured bag where the water had leaked out the box having 9 out of 10 survive. Credit goes to the cold weather which slowed their metabolism to a crawl.

As the events which has come to pass make most of what is said moot now, I hope the advice proves useful for new shrimp taking up future residence In your tank. I wish you the best of luck.

Originally Posted by Jackie View Post
Ph is 7.4
Kh is 3 drops
Gh is 4 drops
Using API drop tests. Unfortunately I don't have a TDS meter yet.

Based on the photo and description, I thought I was buying orange (as in pumpkin) shrimp. What I received were natural/wild type bee shrimp. No idea if it was a mixup or substitution. I tried contacting the vendor with no luck. I have since read reviews that this is typical for them, and that DOA's aren't covered even after paying $38 for shipping

Anyhow, lost all bee shrimp last night and I've only seen one lone rili. The others might be hiding, hopefully. Is there anything else I can test the tank for besides TDS? I will get one of those meters. Shrimp are so cute, want to make sure the next batch don't have the same fate.

One thing I've noticed is that a couple shrimp pellets or moldy in there really quick. Long white fuzz growing on them. Not sure if that is from the nite out II or not.

Thanks so much for helping! I feel so bad for these little guys

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