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Originally Posted by fahim6801 View Post
im really new in this planted aquarium world, i am facing the same problem too (BBA) for around 2 month now, is it possible that by introducing some Otocinclus vestitus or siamese algae eater can help me get rid of BBA, or any other algae eater tht can help me cleaning this BBA....
I just read this whole thread + a few others to refresh my memory so I could get rid of a small bba outbreak. If you read this thread you posted in you will find the answers. Here's a quick list of things mentioned of inportance in this thread:

Low co2, you want at least 30 ppm in most situations
High light(without co2 and ferns to support it
Proper dosing methods(ei was mentioned here, it's nice and simple,works for most people).
I have also noticed a link between sachem flourish iron and bba
Fluctuating co2 levels is also suspect along with low nitrates(I disagree,my nitrates are kept at 15 ppm and I have algae)

You can get rid of it by spot dosing excel or h202(hydrogen peroxide)

Thanks everyone that posted in this thread. I have came to the conclusion that bba showed up in my medium light non co2 tank because I got lazy with dosing excel. This was kind of one those moments where I went "DUH!" and smacked myselfin the forehead.

For some reason I continued reading. This thread is a very good read.
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