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FS: Cleaning out the Fish/Shrimp closet SALE!! Come pick em up!!

I'm planning to move soon (if I find a place that is) so the old lady is forcing me to get rid of some stuff I've been hoarding in my fish closet. Here's what I have for pickup. Shoot me a PM if you want something.

Just added:
Brand new 9L bag of ADA "new" Amazonia Aqua Soil - SOLD

1 bottle of Mosura Mineral Plus - Practically new (already filled with 100% RO). Only used once on a 20g tank - $12 **SOLD**

SS Mesh - perfect for tying moss onto - 2x3" or 2x4" - SOLD

Kent RO Right (Still practically full, barely used once) - $10

Azoo Undergravel filter pipes - perfect for shrimp tanks! (BNIB) - $25

Surface scum Skimmer (used but still in working condition) - $3

Toms Aqua Lifter pump (BNIB perfect for that auto dosing setup you've always been wanting) - $15

Seachem Plant Pack Fundamentals - $5 (BNIB) SOLD

Top Fin Auto Feeder - used but still works great - $10

Portable RO Unit (used for about 9 months. Missing 1 of the hoses and will need a new faucet adapter) - $15 **SOLD**

CFS-500 Canister Filter (Used in working condition. Comes with hoses and pipes) - $35

24x24x12" tank (has a sump hole drilled but I sealed it with a removable cap. No leaks) - Don't want to get rid of this tank but I'm only doing it because I have to . - $15 **PRICE LOWERED BECAUSE I NEED THIS GONE**

Bag of Topsoil (never opened) - FREE

Diatomaceous Earth (Entire boxfull, only used a tiny bit, practically full) - SOLD

20lb CO2 Tank (needs hydro test) - $15 **SOLD**

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