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Originally Posted by Fishies_in_Philly View Post
Jake, where do you get your roe?
I bring some of my high flyer kids down to a river site where the fish and game fertilizes a bunch of coho eggs for a hatchery program. I grab about 250 fertilized eggs and usually get about 90-95% to hatch (except this year). The kids volunteer and help me collect data on the growth rates and development based on accumulated thermal units. Pretty cool stuff. I coauthored a grant with some of my grad students and the Fish and Game doubled the money to get chillers, tanks, canisters, and all the fixins for a bunch of classrooms in the area. The high tech set up is awesome and cost me only for prime and an airstone to keep it up and running.

Like WY said, most of these tanks are just crammed with fish and have no aquascape qualities whatsoever. I decided to change that this year and so I built a BG and side panels to hide all the gear. I wanted to give the tank an eroded bank look like our beloved Kenai River but ran out of time and had to rush the whole build to get thigns ready in time for the eggs. Cut some corners and learned yet another valuable lesson. I talked to a fellow colleague who has some eggs for me. hopefully after the holiday I'll be abkc up and running.
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