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Was at Pacific, Win, and Aquastar today.

At Win I took the last 3 gallon DB tank. I'm downsizing from my 5.5 gallon. My desk feels really claustrophobic with the tank there. He has bumblebee gobies and a LOT of plant trimmings now. And HUGE female guppies. The biggest I've ever seen are in the first tank on the left. He has baby kribs and angelfish now.

Aquastar is horrible for anything but some of his tropical community fish! :'( The plants... Never buy them. Full of bugs, leeches, and who knows what. Not going to speak of the other animals there.

I had forgotten how bad it was, but he does have blackworms. Last time my mom stacked another container on top of them creating a disgusting goop of dead things. Ew.

On a happier note, Pacific has so many adorable pea puffers it's ridiculous!! <3 so cute! I got 3 white clouds and they're small, but very pretty. They also had sexy shrimp. Weird, but super cool. Plus tons of shrimp like bamboo shrimp (they have little fans to filter feed! They were all crowded around the filter output), orange shrimp, Amanos, etc. Oh and tiny little Pygmy gouramis which are so pretty and cute.

Where do you think I can get some supplies for my new DB tank without paying ridiculous amounts of money? I need a fine grain sand, hardscape, lights, filter, and maybe a heater. Thanks!

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Looking for free easy trimmings. (Pennywort, moss, terrestrial, aquatic, emersed, etc) So PM me maybe.

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