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Originally Posted by lbacha View Post
+1 on the thermometer, lol.. It's looking good and only just planted, I'm glad someone else is going this route as well most people with tanks like this focus on frogs and such so plants are secondary it will be nice to see how someone who is focused on the plant side like me deals with some of the issues that come up (black fungus, aphids, etc.), I do like your water area and it's making think mine is a little plain, I have to decide if I continue to let the C keei fill in or add some other species for a mixed bag, I have 4 or 5 C bullosa that may find a nice home in there. Keep up the pics and make sure you ventilate the tank as you will have issues with some of the plants.


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oh, i learned a lot about ventilation in my 125. i also learned a lot about how plants acclimate to the humidity. i learned that, at least in my tanks, my ferns die off and grow back after a few weeks. i also learned not to freak out this time when white fungus

i have a plan for aphids and mites, but that's for after the new year.

i love the plants just as much as i love the frogs. probably more, truth be it's a shame more froggers don't at least try to make the most out of their tanks.

as far as my water section. i know i want the crypts to grow out and multiply freely, just like they would in the wild, but i also didn't think anyone would want to look at a water section of stems, runners and emergent roots. that's the real reason i added the extras. deep inside i think it would look cool, but i don't think i want to let it go like that, yet.
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