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Scott's 40 breeder Journal- Couple New Pics!!

Ok so right off the bat, I'm just going to say it, this will be a long time in the making... Right now I'm using this as a place to organize equipment lists, stocking plans, and everything else I plan for this tank. As I get stuff I'll update it with pics, but it could be months before I see water in it!

40 gallon breeder- ($43.10 with $1/gallon sale)
DIY Stand, or maybe Aquatic Fundamentals 50/65 stand, or a custom stand from a LFS. (Actual Cost around $200)

Lighting- Finnex Ray 2 36" (Will have this before year end) ($158.18)
Reefkeeper Elite has a moonlight controller I plan to add- ($75 budget)
Filtration- Fluval 406 (will have this before year end) ($186.13)
Heating- Hydor 200w inline heater (will have this before year end) ($54.65)
Dosing- Likely the BRS Dosing pump ($150)
Planning to dose Micros and Macros from GreenLeaf aquariums. Safe money with dry ferts mixed on my own. (plantex CSM+B and KN03, K2S04, KH2P04, MGS04) if anyone
sees a problem with that dosing, let me know!

Controller- Reefkeeper Elite (Plus) built into the stand. ($290.61)

CO2 system- DIY Regulator ($150 for all parts) Turns out my dad had a 5lb co2 tank from the days when he had a kegorator. He let me have that.

Substrate- ADA AS. I purchased 5x 9l bags ($150) but highly doubt this tank will use that much, I wanted more on hand for future use.
Hardscape- More than likely going to use lava rock. The cost for this is very low.

Fauna- About 60 chili rasboras, and a handful of oto's for cleanup. Not sure if I plan to put anything else in at this time.

Flora- Ok so I'm still not totally decided, but I am thinking HC foreground, some type of moss on the rockwork (Fissidens? Mini Pellia? Weeping Moss? hmmm) Then maybe towards the back of the scape a grass, just to kind of give a little depth)

Anyways, I'll post pics of things as I get them, and edit this post with any changes in the plans.

(Running total for items purchased so far: $1382.67ish)


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