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So...The Algaefix did not work at all on the type of algae I have. Not saying it is ineffective, just not on that type. I also tried using an Aquaclear 20 to increase oxygen in the water but it was too much flow for my betta.

I don't know if it's the fact my Betta is old (2.5 years), the fact that he is alone and doesn't have anything to chase, or the fact I don't have a heater but he seems to be much more "picky" these days. He will become active when I am in the room looking but when I walk in, he just chills. I think I need a heater.

As for the algae, I don't find it to be ugly so I am just going to see what happens. I did a 50% water change and just the tube sucks up 75% of it. It will come back to where it was, or it has, as I only water change every 2-4 weeks.

As for the plants/scape. The tank is past "recovery" mode and all plants are growing well. I feel my midground is good. The foreground will take time which I knew from the start. Background is ugly as all the plants needed to recover and will take some time to grow out.

New pic
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