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It's too tall!

I've been browsing the site for a long time now, but this is my first post. After so many days of saying that I was going to start a tank, I finally did it! My plants are in, they are officially under water, but I'm having a lighting issue. I want my tank on my kitchen counter. It's a 20 gal and the hood that comes with it is a quarter of an inch too tall to slide under my cabinets. I'm looking for a light for my plants (I was looking at Aqueon floral) but I can't find the right size.

All that aside, I'm looking for suggestions for a good plant light that the fixture is shorter than a typical hood light. I like the light strip I picked out, but I can't find a fixture that will fit it and still go under my cabinets. I thought the thin marineland would fit, but I know nothing about it. Let me know. Thanks.
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