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I went out and baught it. I'm in love lol.
I played with the settings and they go,

Remmeber from the start point to the end point it slowly rises to that %..

8am - 2pm: 1-5% both channels

2pm - 4pm: 5-50% both channels

4pm - 7pm: 50-100% both channels

7pm-10pm: 100-100% both channels

10pm-1130pm: 100-1% channel b (blue/warm light aka moon light)

1130-8am: 1%

Basically i have a "true" light period of 9 hours.

The second i had the settings right it was at the 100% setting and instantly i had pearling going on everywhere... first time this has happened!

Better pictures when i have access to a dslr!
These pictures dont even nearly show you how nice and alive these plants look now. its insane.

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