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ok, so Len posted something in his thread that struck a chord. no more talk of accelerated growth. back to the 12 hour photo period. it is what it is. it will take however long it takes to grow this tank in. Thanks for the perspective Len

ok, a different matter. when i designed this tank, it was to sort of fulfill a nagging urge to have a crypt tank that featured as many ways to grow crypts as possible. yes, you can say i have a crypt fetish. now, i have a spot that i planned for a crypt, but i'm still not sure what species to put in that spot. i stuck the a. angustfolia in there to fill space. here is the location:

i am already housing in this tank, c. nurii, c. nurii 'pahang', c. zukalii, c. wendtii 'mi oya', c. cordata 'thailand', and one or two more commons i bought long ago and forgot which was which was which after they went to brown. in my 75 i have a c. hudoroi and c. x purpurea and c. affinis in another tank. question is, what species do you guys think will look good in that spot. i was growing out the c. hudoroi for it, but i think it will be too large. any suggestions? it doesn't have to be something i have, i'm good with adding to the collection. i was actually thinking a c. cordata 'rosanervig". (is it a cordata? i forget)
maybe a c. nurii 'rompin'?

anyways, here a fts i took tonight, i guess you can see i have been tweaking things around a bit.
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