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Originally Posted by Fishies_in_Philly View Post
actually? yes. it was the only part of my youth where i did good things.....LOL i have had my own tanks since i was about 12. when i turned 16(ish) and started working, i was keeping marine tanks. at the height of my "troubles" i had a nice home for a 3 foot zebra moray named Mister Magoo. of course, i was the exception to the rule.
LOL, indeed I would tend to concure. I have a few of our troubled youth in my aquatic class, and many of them do very well. Right now, I have one who is in charge of my 65 gallon reef tank, and he is doing a great job. Most however would happily pour bleach into a tank just to see what happens . I'm afraid I was far to busy drinking beer and racing cars in my troubled years to worry about a fish tank LOL. Of course there was wood to chop and coal to carry whenever I was a home, so fish tanks weren't something I considered at the time. I didn't get into aquariums until I started by second teaching job. Of course its been game on every since.
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