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Originally Posted by orchidman View Post
looks good conceptually chad! but i would maybe tweak the right side peices of wood. maybe have one coming more forward instead of right-left. kind of angling forward from that back corner. to add some dimension.

oh, and you might want to tell your wife that the plates belong in the cabinets..not in your tank
I was kinda thinking the same thing and this pretty much confirms it for me. I will move them and see if that makes it better, thanks!

Originally Posted by DogFish View Post
Chad - I'm looking at the largest rock(white) in front right near the glass side and the largest rock left side, center.

Are you going to plant near/around them to soften them any? Or, maybe slope some dirt up. They seem a bit overwhelming at this point in time.
Yes, they are getting Crypt lucens X willisii around them. I am going to back fil all the empty pockets and slopes once planting final. i WANT to do it tonight but it will muck up the water so bad I wont be able to see after planting. Maybe if I can still see good enough tonight
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