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Originally Posted by m00se View Post
180 from my experience. Those cups are oversize and you need a pry bar to get them off the glass. Those magnets look like ___ on the outside of your (my) tank. If you like them so be it but I don't care for the look.

Also never had noise problems with the 400's. I use 2 of them in circulation mode but you know how that goes. I also have a dead silent AC110!

Wait..maybe it's because of all those years playing rock guitar!

(not!) (what?!?!)

My experience with the suction cups is opposite of yours. At first I thought the suction cups was loosing its ability to stick. Soaked it in hot water for minutes and stick it back to the tank. Sticks great without a problem but eventually after a week or so, it loses its grip. I swapped it out with a brand new suction cup from the 600, same problem happens. The cups will loosen up and cause the maxijet to fall.

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