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Please help picking LED fixture for 180 gal

Hi everybody! I've been lurking here for a while, reading everything I can in preparation to make the jump from PCs to LEDs. I have a 180 gallon (72x24x24) all native Florida tank that I'm pretty sure is under-lit for the plants I want to grow. I once had six 96 watt power compacts from AHSupply that did the job. I'm now down to two and my wife will no longer allow me to purchase bulbs. I want enough light to keep Micrantheum on the bottom and keep Ludwigia and Cabomba red. I was recommended this kit:, which comes with 84 Luxeon ES 3 Watt LEDs. I plan to install the LEDs in a canopy 6 inches above the surface.

Is this overkill? Could I get by with fewer LEDs? My tank is low tech right now, but I may consider injecting CO2 in the future.

Also, could I get some recommendations on what LED colors and ratios to use?

Please help me out here. I'm so tired of watching my stem plants shoot to the surface.
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