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Low Tech Lighting

Originally Posted by amahnesmith View Post
I am a newbie with a 36 gallon bowfront. The tank as been set up for my angelfish for about 2 years. I recently switched to a planted tank and currently just have the stock aqueon bulb on. I saw it mentioned that Aquatraders has good deals. Do you guy think that this light would work for me? I am wanting a low-tech tank without CO2 if possible. The lighting aspect is very confusing!
Hello ama...

The light bulbs that come with the tank are good for viewing your fish, but not much else. They won't be helpful growing plants. If you keep to plants that need low light, then remove the light you have and take it to the nearest hardware store and look for GE aquarium plant bulbs. Your tank probably takes a 36 inch bulb. So, a T12 or T8, 6500K bulb will be sufficient. It will cost a few dollars and last for a year or more.

Low light plants don't require CO2 or any high end fertilizers. The ferts the fish produce are good for plants and I dose a little liquid a couple of times a week. Just take good care of the water by removing and replacing half of it every week with pure, treated tap water. Don't feed the fish and plants too much and keep the tank lights on 12 hours every day. A timer would be helpful.


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