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Rusty's GLA 36-L First Iwagumi Build

This is my first nano tank, first rimless tank, first iwagumi build. This should be exciting.

Here's what I've got so far:

GLA 36-L (36 x 22 x 26cm)
Eheim 2211
16'' Finnex Ray 2 LED (7000K White)

I have 27lbs of Seiryu stone on the way, hopefully will get here tomorrow. That should give me plenty of stones to choose from. I plan to use ADA Aquasoil Amazonia powder type for the substrate. I'm waiting for either AFA or ADG to get the 3L bags back in stock. I don't currently have a stand or anything to put it on but I plan to go out in the next few weeks looking for something relatively inexpensive that I can use as a stand. I will be getting the Cal Aqua Labs 13mm nano fluxus filter pipes. I'll be using a GLA inline atomic diffuser and I'll also be getting some sort of manifold to allow me to run CO2 on this tank and my 30 gal both from my GLA Atomic V3 regulator with 5lb CO2 cylinder.
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