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Reef epoxy it good stuff, but as stated once it sets up, you have to break things to get it to move. With reef rock its not big deal, because the stuff is soft/crumblie enough that you just break off the pieces with the epoxy attached. With river rock I would think it would be a much bigger deal. However, even with GS foam, once you get it on the rock, short of using a power sander, it isn't going to come off. I always have lousy luck getting the epoxy to set exactly where I want it however and generally speaking I find it pretty unappealing to look at.

Originally Posted by lbacha View Post
Yep a 30 breeder should be 18" deep x 36" wide by 12" tall and a 40 breeder is the same except it is 16" tall

Thanks Len, I figured it was something along the line, not sure how the 30 and 40 got confused at the store, but they aren't getting it back, so its good to go.

Things are a little slow at the minute, as I'm dealing with a bunch of moss arrivals (Bill, yours did finally arrive and everything looks good), and trying to get a shrimp tank and a German Blue Ram tank all set-up at the same time. I've got to get more students who need extra credit to stick around after school somehow LOL, either that, or I've got to slow my over indulgance in all things aquarium related LOL.
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