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Doing LED lighting on the cheap

Hi there. I have a 75g planted tank, 60 cm tall. I'm currently using 3 x T8 40W bulbs to light, but plants tend to be a bit hit and miss. A lot of it is probably down to my plecos attacking the plants, but I think the lighting could be better as well. I'd like to try CO2, but want to get better lighting first. So, like lots of others who want to keep the running costs down and generally be nicer to the planet, I'd like to use LEDs

The stickler is the cost, with what are generally defined to be aquarium LED sets running into hundreds of pounds, and requiring cooling etc. However I've seen on ebay a lot of lighting units like this:

Also tubular units with 200+ LEDs. Given the price (about 20GBP) they're obviously just standard LEDs rather than high power ones, but I imagine they're making up for power with sheer quantity. I was wondering about picking maybe 3 of these up and putting them in a row in the hood, to replace the T8s. But I've come to get some advice from those who know much more than me. I would imagine there's a good reason I'm missing out on why other planted tank owners don't use stuff like this - would it be completely ineffective and a waste of money?

Any advice gratefully received
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