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Originally Posted by franksaquarium View Post
That's really the issue. 99% of the hobbyists don't care about rare/unusual. They want colorful, and inexpensive. The rest of us 1%ers just don't make it worthwhile for shop owners to bring in this stuff. And I put part of the blame on the shop owners. They COULD sell these fish if they took the time to learn about them. But, as one wholesaler put it: "I only bring in things that people buy, not anything I have to sell". A very shortsighted philosophy, IMO. There are many, many commercially viable fish available to the shops, but since they have no idea what these fish are, they will not take a chance on them. This is so unlike how it was in the past, when shop owners would clamor for the rare and unusual as it brought customers into the store to not only to buy these fish, but perhaps a new tank for them. IMO, shop owners just don't think that way any more. They are happy with the market they have instead of trying to build and expand on them.
I remember as a highschooler, every Saturday I'd get on my bike and ride east to Larry Mendolson's Tropical Wonderland in Bayshore to see what new stuff he got in. Then I'd ride back along Montauk Hwy to stop at the smaller shops to see what they had. The bike was equipped with panniers so if I found something I liked, I could keep them warm while riding home. Once I got home and dropped off the fish, I'd head west to check out the shops there. And every so often my dad would drive me to Ed's Aquarium in Lynbrook, which was a real treat. Sadly, those exciting days are gone.
Yes, I blame the shop owner too. It is hard for a fish store to be interested if the shop owner him or herself does not have the interest or that they do not like to look up more information about anything available. I think you can't just stop at a spot right now. There are many times that I went to a shop and ask for stuff, they will direct me to a totally different direction. I know that they have no idea what I am talking about. I am upset when I walk out the shop. Even sometimes when I ask them, hey do you guys have cory hastatus, they will be like cory hastatus??? I guess business is a business, can't do anything without the money? But people do sometimes come forward and ask, and if you can give them more information about the fish or more information of how to take care of them and what do you need. I think the store will become more popular? People are willing to spend the time to stop by.

I don't know, maybe I just not know much about the fish shop, but I know a friend of my close down his fish store and when I first went there, my first impression is... hummmm fish... Ya, it is just fish, nothing interesting. People work at the shop barely greet anymore. I remember myself working at a retail, I will always ask the customer what they are looking for, what is the interest, and what they need it for.

I will be happy if someone came up to me and ask those question and then bring along a long conversation. It is a way to trade information and to know what people like nowadays.

Again, maybe just me thinking to wonderfully.

Originally Posted by acitydweller View Post
Seems a bit too late for this year.

While building this community 2 months ago, I was afforded an opportunity to order 3 species at wholesale by lots of 100, the Hastatus cory being one of them. When this option was shared with the community, it was met with mixed interest with many comments on "Must be cheap". Not sure how much cheaper it can be than wholesale... back then, hastatus were still selling in aquabid.

The lack of interest and enthusiasm made the decision obvious and it spared me the effort and risks involved in ordering, transport, airport pickup, quarantine and the whole 9's. IME, you guys are best sourcing though retail as the organization required for a bulk wholesale order requires organization, experience and coordination. Its encouraging to see the community taking interest now in particular species. I would only recommend taking up opportunities when the come by as they may be one time chances. I hope these hastatus eventually make their ways into your community tanks... they are gorgeous little fellas.
I don't remember you offering that at all. LOL so I do not know. If I know that time, I will do it.

Please forgive me for my grammar mistakes!
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