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Here is the guts of the sump which is a really beat up 40 gallon acrylic breeder. Drains on the left then you can see the egg crate I used to tie the heaters together then the big 10 pore per inch blue Poret sponge with odds and ends of biological media then black 20ppi Poret. The two pumps are cushioned with more sponge. The blue square is the main sump pump and the other one feeds the 20" Cerges reactor on the right hand side. Both pumps have ball valves in case I need to choke them back. The 40 gallon breeder sits on a piece of 1/2" foam insulation from Home Depot and is covered with corrugated plastic that still needs trimming.

Here is the top of the sump showing much of the plumbing. The main drain with ball valve to tune in the Herbie style overflow is on top, emergency drain is inside the tank so I didn't have to clamp it all down as it isn't in use in ordinary circumstances. The black line is CO2, the power cords come out behind the main drain and around to the other side of the stand to stay well away from the water. You can see the tubing going to the Cerge's reactor which sits in the sump because there is plenty of room there and no room elsewhere!

Sump is running in the photos and is as full as it can be. With pumps off and standpipe in the overflow pulled to fish out surfers the sump is completely full. Luckily the tank and sump are well enough covered that there is very little evaporation and I likely wouldn't have to top off for weeks and weeks.
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