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Hi samamorgan,

Here is some information on the 20 watt AH Supply LED lamp; it is also available in 15 watt and 26 watt configurations.


The L.E.D. lamp arrays run on standard 110/120 VAC and do not require a driver/ballast. After I plugged the L.E.D. array into the 2G11 socket and inserted the LED lamp array into the holders/stand-offs it was ready to go!

I decided to run it through its paces and it performed excellently. The L.E.D.s all lit simultaneously and with equal brightness. I put it on my 20 gallon tank and it looked identical in spectrum to the 6700K PC bulb I was using which would make sense since the LED lamp is rated 6400K. GSAS has a PAR meter for our members so I immediately called and reserved the next open slot so I could run some PAR tests; here are the results:

Please note that the PAR readings shown were taken in ‘open air’ and would likely be higher due to internal reflection if I had taken them in an aquarium filled with water. I will try to take readings in one of my aquariums in the future. How do these PAR readings compare to a AH Supply Power Compact kit for example? I have a 2X36 watt AH Supply PC kit (72 watts total) on my 30 gallon. At the substrate level (13”) the PAR for that fixture is about 95 so these 20 watt LED lamp arrays put out about 80% of the light intensity of my PC's while only consuming about 28% of the wattage.

AH Supply offers the LED lamp arrays in three sizes. There is a 15 watt that is 17” long which would be great for a 10 gallon or two end to end they cover the length of a 36” long tank. There are two LED lamp offerings that are 22” long; the 20 watt which I have just tested and a more powerful 26 watt unit.

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