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picked up some dhg from Pacific Aquarium on Delancey. $5. They are no doubt my favorite lfs in nyc. Planted some behind the rock. Hopefully this will enhance the perspective of the tank. Looking forward to taking another shot at this plant. The first time I used it I did so exclusively. And man did it take off. But I had planted it in individual clumps throughout the entire aquarium. This time I planted in bunches and only in a limited section behind the rock. I thnk with more strategic trimming I can keep it away from the front of the tank. We shall see.

I also changed up the solution in my drop checker. (I haven't done that in months, so I don't think the reading I was getting was accurate). Still spot treating with excel. Haven't seen any new signs of staghorn. I'd like to say that it is nonexistent, but I'm not going to jump to any conclusions yet. I know the battle is a process and does not happen overnight. We shall see with the DHG. The first time I really noticed staghorn was a long time ago on a strand of DHG. The cause was no doubt my own. But now I feel like I have a better grasp on this little ecosystem. But I don't want to jinx myself.

It's silly, but I'm also including a picture of my DIY razor scraper. It's my alternative to the ADA one (which is way too much to pay for such a simple tool). So I just used a pair of hemostats and a razor blade. To be honest, the best glass cleaning tools have been a generic toothbrush, a paper towel and a razor blade. Never been happy with any of the algae scrapers out there. I also may venture off this week to a restaurant supply store to get a pair of 10" forceps for tank maintenance. Or go online and get some better quality planting tweezers. I'd like to keep the cost low though. But, now that everything is planted, this may be a poorly timed puchase.

All in all, the glosso seems to be growing well. The glosso that's newly planted grows tall at first. Then once it starts to root, I clip the top chute and discard it. By the next day it starts to shoot out a runner. It's getting there... Keeping the fingers crossed for the DHG. The next upgrade may be a new timer to have the CO2 turn on 1 hour before lights up. Any thoughts?


DHG and Glosso from above shot

parting shot

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