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large footprint for this light

Originally Posted by Adam.schmidt89 View Post
36" 18 watt Stunner LED 8000K White I was wondering if this would be enough out put for my tank.. I wanna do low to medium light plants nothing to crazy with the high light mosses or anything. Just trying to find the best idea for what i should get. Tank is 46Lx18Tx24W
I would pass, on this

The thing is that your tank is 10"longer than the light and it is also very wide. So you are going to have to raise that 18watt light high enough to light the tank throuhout the mass of the water column. and doing this will probably give you very very low light. You didnt specify if you were going to dose with any type of co2 (liquid fert, diy ltr. bottle, paintball c02, etc)

So if you are going to go for a NPT with allot of medium light plants its a pass.

this is all IMO


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